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new zealand

New Zealand Trip, Winter, 2017
"If it would not look too much like showing off, I would tell the reader where New Zealand is."-- Mark Twain

As winter began in New Zealand so did our adventure through its vast landscape. We packed our gear, ready to be tested, and flew halfway across the world to Auckland. With a 83' Land Rover Defender guiding us, our small crew set off to camp, trek, and explore the terrain of the island. The island was wet but thrilling and wearing shoes was optional as we learned from the Kiwis. We made our way quickly down the northern coast, hopped on a ferry through Cook Strait and landed ashore on the south island. The roads curved and the view changed from giant trees, to a still volcano, and even rolling greens hills; there's no such thing as a boring drive here. Each day presented itself with new challenges but each day’s paradise topped the other as we eventually reached the Franz Josef Glacier. We enjoyed cold mornings at camp and colorful sunsets over placid lakes. We even tried a few meat pies and survived. The beer was drank and our 10 days flew by. We'll go again, just for the coffee…heaven. 
Special thanks to: Trekker Defender, David Lopez, our bartender guide on the southern island, and every gas station attendee for providing the best long black coffees and meat pies.
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