Pacific Northwest Overland


Pacific Northwest


Washington 2018
Summertime always sparks a sense of adventure for everyone, and we were fortunate enough to let our sense of adventure take over for ten days as we explored the Pacific Northwest. We gathered new gear and packed our bags to take on the vast landscapes of the coast and dense forest in the PNW. With a lot of new product to test, we were more than eager to escape our schedules and have some fun

For this trip we flew into Seattle, WA and had the opportunity to explore the unique city before fleeting into the wilderness. However, with a vintage Volkswagen Westfalia waiting to guide us through the mountains, we were pretty eager to get out of the city. We set loose towards the coast, quickly learning that our two wheel drive adventure mobile was going to take some patience and skill to get us to the coast. We managed to find ourselves stuck in a mud pit for a few hours only to be staring down cliffs as we made hairpin turns up the mountain. It wouldn’t be a proper adventure without some difficulties, though, right? Maybe that’s just us. Although we quickly learned that any stubborn obstacle would be worth the mystical valley views of Mt. Rainier and the rocky beaches of the Pacific Coast. Just like all adventures, we were reminded of the beauty that lies in landscape around us. It is pretty amazing how humbled you become staring up at mountains scraping the sky.